Our philosophy

In our everyday working environment we put emphasis on professionalism, responsibility and efficient management. We pay special attention to respecting our clients, employees, business partners and our competitors, as well as recognizing the needs of local communities and the natural environment.


Our values


We make sure to fulfil all obligations undertaken with regards to our clients and partners in a reliable manner.


Supervision over the level of safety paralleled by the constant strive towards the increase of its level constitutes the key part of our activities.


We create positive and permanent relations with our subcontractors, suppliers as well as employees thus gaining their multi-year trust.


We invest in knowledge and skills of our employees, thus building their enthusiasm and engagement.



We only undertake to execute tasks which are natural environment friendly, thus taking advantage of ecological technologies of the execution of works.



We systematically and gradually develop the scope of our services, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions in parallel strengthening our potential.



We execute tasks in accordance to the expectations of our customers, thus being open to the introduction and implementation of further innovations.



Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of the Trakcja Group has been established on common values, expressed by our employees throughout the past decades. In the course of our 70-year long history, those values served as a source of strength which we needed to rise up to the various challenges, gave us determination in our quest for organic development, provided us with a sense of security during crisis years, integrated our team around our common goals, and have become a foundation on which we developed our customers' confidence.  


Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility means transparent and ethical behaviour in key areas, such as:

  • Corporate governance,
  • Human rights,
  • Professional practices,
  • Environment,
  • Fair operational practices,
  • Consumer-related issues,
  • Social commitment and development of the local community.